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"This House believes that the War on Drugs, including Operation Tokhang, is necessary to ensure the public safety and security of Filipinos."


We strongly urge all participants to read the Essential Readings:

  1. IDEA 2019 - Policy Brief - War on Drugs Alternatives

  2. IDEA 2019 - Paper - The Effectiveness of Mandatory-Random Student Drug Testing_ Executive Summary


​All files are in PDF format for your convenience. We also encourage everyone to read ALL Suggested Readings to better comprehend and appreciate this year’s theme. All the links for said readings are in the REFERENCES file available for download on this website.


Policy Brief

War on Drugs Alternatives


The Effectiveness of Mandatory-Random Student Drug Testing

(Executive Summary)




"This House believes that Legalization of Drugs can effectively control and regulate drug abuse."






1. Is there a Registration Fee?


NO. We do NOT require a Registration Fee. IDEA 2019 is FREE for all who wish to participate.


2. Our school has not yet formed/finalized which students will participate. Can we still register?


YES. You may register your school even without finalizing names of student participants. HOWEVER, you must indicate in the registration WHICH COMPETITIONS you wish to join. Other mandatory registration information include Contact Persons and Numbers.


3. When is the deadline for Registration?


The deadline for registration is 11:59 pm on Friday, November 15, 2019.


4. I have already registered online. How do will the registration be confirmed?


The organizers will be sending an email within 2 days (48 hours) of registration confirming such. If you do not receive one, please contact us thru email at or message us on Facebook.


5. Can we replace a registered student on our roster of participants?


YES. However, you must give notice to the organizers by Thursday, 21 November 2019, or one day before the competition.


6. Can we register late?


This will be subject to the discretion of the Competition Coordinator. However, if there are still event slots remaining, we usually try to accommodate late registrants.

FAQ - Registration


1. I am over 17 years old. Can I still compete?


This will be at the discretion of the competition coordinator. However, student MUST be enrolled in Junior High (Grade 7-10).


2. Can Senior High students compete?


NO. Only JUNIOR HIGH students may compete.

FAQ - Eligibility



1. What is the theme of IDEA 2019?


“Resolving the Philippines’ War on Drugs”


2. How do I prepare for my competition?


Each year, the IDEA Competitions revolve around a single theme. Materials pertaining to the theme are available for download at this website (). Links to resources and articles are also sent together with the school’s confirmation of registration email. All participants and coaches are strongly encouraged to read ALL the materials provided. Everyone is also encouraged to conduct their own research and readings on the theme.


Some reminders and basic tips are also provided for each competition. Please be mindful of the RULES and REGULATIONS of each competition as well as the CRITERIA for JUDGING.

FAQ - Preparation


1. What do I wear for the competition?


Students are required to come in their school uniforms. P.E. Uniforms are only allowed for those participating in Essay, Editorial Cartoon and Acrylic Painting. Debate participants MUST wear their gala or formal school uniforms.


2. My competition is on Saturday, 23 November. Am I required to register on Friday, 22 November?


NO. You are only required to register on the day of your competition. However, should you wish to register beforehand, that will be allowed.


3. Is food provided to the participants during the competition?


YES. All participants and school coaches will be provided with FREE SNACKS and WATER on their competition day. Snacks will be served once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Just present your food stubs for collection. Note: Student participants for Acrylic Painting will be provided FREE LUNCH and WATER in addition to the snacks.


EVERYONE is invited to partake in REFRESHMENTS and SNACKS prior to the Awarding Ceremony.


4. Where do we get lunch?


Our host school, Pilgrim Christian College, is located in a central area. There are various fast food establishments and restaurants in the vicinity.

FAQ - Competition Day


1. When will the Motion for the Preliminary Rounds be announced?


It will be announced at 8:00 am Friday, November 8, 2019. You may view it at our website: . We shall also be emailing the motion to all participating schools.


2. How will we be timed during the match? And can we use a cellphone or watch to time ourselves?


I.D.E.A. volunteers will be holding up signs indicating the time remaining. They will also give a verbal warning when only one (1) minute remains. YES, you may use your watch or phone to time yourselves. However, these SHOULD NOT be used to research facts or distract opponents.


3. Are we allowed to communicate with our teammates while the match is ongoing?


YES. However, we encourage the use of notes to communicate to minimize disruption. Should you need to verbally communicate, please do so quietly.


4. Will there be a different Motion for the Advanced Rounds?


YES. The motion will be announced together with the Announcement of Quarterfinalists.


5. When and How will the Quarterfinalists be announced?


Announcement will be at 6:30 pm on Friday, 22 November. We will post on our website as well as send out text messages to all the participating schools.


6. How will Advanced Rounds Match-ups be determined?


It will be determined by power seeding. 1st v. 8th; 2nd v. 7th, etc…


7. How do we determine which side we will argue in the Advanced Rounds?


The higher seeded team gets to choose a side BEFORE the motion is released or announced.


8. Are we allowed to watch other Preliminary Rounds matches?


YES. HOWEVER, you may do so ONLY when you have completed both your rounds for the day.


9. Are our matches open to the public?


YES. You may invite friends and family to watch your match. However, latecomers may not be allowed to come in lest the match be disrupted.

FAQ - Debate


1. Is the Theme “Resolving the Philippines’ War on Drugs” the Essay Topic for the competition?


NO. You will be given a specific Essay Topic, which will be closely related to the theme.


2. When will the Essay Topic be announced?


It will be announced ON THE SPOT 5 minutes before the competition starts.


3. Am I allowed to make erasures on my paper?


YES. However, please ensure that your handwriting is legible and the correction is clearly made.


4. Are bathroom breaks allowed?


NO. You may, however, ask permission from the Competition Coordinator which she may grant at her discretion.


5. What supplies should I bring?


There is no need to bring any supplies. The organizers will be providing plenty of paper and a pen for you to use. You may bring additional pens.

FAQ - Essay


1. When will the Editorial Cartoon Topic be announced?


It will be announced ON THE SPOT 5 minutes before the competition starts.


2. Are the drawing supplies provided?


The organizers will be providing drawing paper as well as some plain paper for preliminary sketches. A pencil as well as a marker will also be provided. You may bring your own pencil, eraser and pencil sharpener.


3. Are bathroom breaks allowed?


NO. You may, however, ask permission from the Competition Coordinator which she may grant at her discretion.

FAQ - Editorial Cartooning


1. Are there guidelines or parameters as to what I paint?


YES. Please be guided by the Conceptual Theme which will be announced ON THE SPOT. The conceptual theme will be related to the general overall theme of I.D.E.A. 2019. Please also make sure that what you create is FIGURATIVE and NOT ABSTRACT. This means that the painting should attempt to create something which is akin to or depicted in visual reality. Simply put, what you paint must look like something portrayed in the visible world.


2. Are bathroom breaks allowed?


YES. You must inform the Competition Coordinator that you are going on a bathroom break.


3. Are art supplies provided?


YES. We will provide the paints and the canvass. The student must bring his/her own brushes and palettes.

FAQ - Acrylic Painting
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